How to Fail Forward

Anticipate Adversity


Adversity is exciting for those who enjoy putting themselves in difficult and uncomfortable situations. For example, when I traveled outside of the US for the first time; the fact that I was venturing out into unfamiliar land — into an entirely different culture and that I had no idea what to expect — excited me. I’ve always enjoyed a challenged. Of course, I enjoy comfort too, but I experience the most excitement when stepping into unknown territory — or better yet, when plunging into it.

Welcome Challenge


Adversity is the ultimate challenge — the ultimate test of will — a boundary to be overcome. It is intended to push you passed your limitations.

For the cautious and cowardly, adversity is dangerous and intimidating because it threatens their sense of security. Those who fear adversity, withdraw and compromise.

For the passionate and couragous, compromise is not an option.

Those who have courage welcome adversity into their lives, they look forward to dealing with their challenges head-on.

Adversity leads to personal development, it teaches the individual to reflect upon themselves.

In the face of adversity, results are guaranteed, because there is only so much discomfort an individual can experience before one is forced to act. For instance, if a lion goes without eating for an extended period, there’s only a matter of time before it will begin hunting for food. The lion’s physical discomfort, due to it’s prolonged hunger, forces the lion to act on its hunger. By acting on it’s hunger, it develops its ability to hunt.

Rely On Resilience


In the midst of adversity, lies the opportunity to dig deeper — to strengthen one’s will; the strength of one’s will, determines the amount of resiliency one will have when in the face of adversity. Therefore, for us to overcome our challenges, we must develop resiliency. Here is where failure comes in.

Fail Forward

Failure, in itself, is a challenge; however, it can only take effect once it is accepted. In other words, true failure happens only when one chooses to give up. Therefore, the experience of failure is no more than a choice in the moment.

Every great person has experienced adversity at one or more stages in his or her life, those who experience it the most, develop tremendous resiliency and eventually become experts at exceeding their boundaries. In other words, they become masters at overcoming their challenges and unlocking their unlimited potential. Take Steve Jobs as an example, Steve Jobs experienced adversity a number of times before reaching the level of success that he has reached. His will and desire to “get a computer in the hands of everyday people” gave him the resiliency to continue forth with his vision, despite his challenges.

Every legend needs a compelling story to leave a inspiring legacy, pits and falls compliment pinnacles and peaks.

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