How to Love Yourself


Our insecurities cause us to do a lot of things that are unnecessary, which is why we need to make a change. We try to manipulate how we look because we feel ugly at times. For example, trying to present ourselves in a certain way, positioning the camera at a certain angle when taking selfies. It’s time we take a stand and say, “enough is enough.”

Shining light onto and make use of these insecurities as well as redirecting them and turning them into something that can be worthwhile is important, because every moment is an oppurtunity. Maybe you can take something from this. Maybe this is a sign. A reminder that you need to be yourself and that you need to embrace all of and every aspect of who you are.

If you’re insecure, that’s okay. But why are you insecure? You’re not inadequate, you’re only human. Be human. Let’s allow ourselves to be who we are without judging ourselves in fear of others judging us. Let’s accept ourselves in hopes that others will accept themselves and as a result, accept us. So that we can co-exist and be happy.

Be Love.


Did you know that you are love, and that I am love, and that we are love — here, experiencing ourselves and each other? And that all we’ve got to do is just be ourselves (which is love), and love one another? It’s that simple. I love you, whoever you are, because you’re human, and so am I.

You’re most likely bored on your phone, reading this; wasting time. You could be doing something more productive, but instead, you’re here. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t know what your story is. I don’t know what led you to be where you are now in this moment as you read this. Just know that you and I are beautiful in some way. In fact, we’re beautiful in every way and we’ve got to embrace that. We’ve got to allow ourselves to be.

Hopefully this inspires you in some way. If you’re going to take anything from this, just remember to love yourself. Unconditionally.

I love you.

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