How to Be Shamelessly You

The Inner Child


Reconnecting with the inner child is crucial. The collective consciousness is at a very immature state. We allow ourselves to become conditioned by society. The more conditioned we become, the more likely we are to suppress our emotions, the less in tune we are with our true nature.

If we intend on evolving as a species, we must connect to our inner child, because with greater connection comes greater growth and maturity.

Animals, Children and Adults


I observe children and animals, and then I observe adults. When I compare them, I realize that adults are the most immature of the three. We adults are growing physically, but spiritually the majority of us are at a very immature state of consciousness. We think we’re the most intelligent species, that we know more than children and animals, but the truth is, it’s quite the opposite.

A Valuable Lesson From Children


When I was a sports instructor at an elementary school, 6 years ago, I was surrounded by children for most of my day. During that time, I learned so much just from being around them, just by sitting back, observing and contemplating them. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from children is to allow myself to feel, to allow myself to be as I am, without shame, without any feelings of embarrassment.

When children feel sad, they don’t hesitate to cry or to yell or to do whatever it is they feel they need to do. The same applies to when they feel good. They don’t hesitate to laugh or to shout out something very silly, there’s no shame in their game. They are shameless, I’ve learned this from observing them and I’ve been applying it in my life.

For example, I’m allowing myself to cry when I feel I need to and to not feel ashamed about it. Because if I feel ashamed, I’m more likely to suppress how I feel rather than to process it. I’m learning to allow myself to be free, crying along with laughing and playing. It’s healthy not to take things so seriously, there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, since I’ve been allowing myself to be, I’ve grown and matured a lot.

Growth slows down as conditioning sets in. The more conditioned we become, the further away and less connected we are to our inner child. Which results in us suppressing how we truly feel.

The Unacknowledged Child


For example, imagine that there’s a little kid tagging along with you all day, following you everywhere you go. Yet, you never acknowledge her, you never stop to notice her. You ignore her. You don’t acknowledge her mere existence. Try and tap into her feelings, tap into how that child feels, not even being looked at or just completely being ignored at all times. Don’t be afraid to go into it.

Reconnecting with yourself, with the inner child is like becoming aware of that little child who’s always tagging along. Acknowledging him, playing with him, laughing and crying with him, listening to him, nurturing him, embracing him and watching him grow. The same applies to an actual child. Acknowledge, listen, embrace the child as you would with your inner child, but don’t suppress.

Be Shamelessly Yourself

Listen to yourself, to the thoughts that come up, become aware of them. Nurture yourself. Take care of yourself. Have fun. Play, shamelessly, as a child would. Cry willingly.

You need it.

We need it.

The world needs it.

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