How to Be There Now

As you blink, infinite realities exist parallel to one another within a field of potentials. Therefore, your desired outcome already exists as a potential, or a wave of vibration. 


Obviously, you aren’t yet able to perceive it with your physical senses, but it’s available to you metaphysically, right now, as a frequency, like a station that you must tune into. The tuning knob is your imagination.


You’ve got to imagine it!


For example, imagine yourself surrounded by a group of close friends at a beach on a sunny day in Hawaii. Smell the aroma of warm apple pie awaiting you. Hear the conversations being had, and the sound of the waves crashing. Taste the sweetness as you take a sip of some fresh coconut water as a warm breeze passes you by . . .

In order to tap into that potential and manifest it as a reality, to turn that wave into a particle, you must place your attention onto it and imagine how it would be. Visualize how it would look, imagine how it would feel, how it would smell, how it would taste and how it would sound like. In NLP, it’s called utilizing your sub-modalities.

Just like the body uses it’s five senses to perceive, the mind processes information in a similar way. It has five senses, also called modalities: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Sub-modalities are the finer distinctions.

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For example, a picture could be black and white or have color, or it could be bright or dim. Sounds could be loud or soft, or coming from a particular direction. Feelings could be in different parts of the body or have different temperatures. Smells could be pleasant or offensive, strong or light. Taste could be sweet or bitter or strong or mild.

Utilizing the sub-modalities makes what we envision more compelling.

Seeing it vividly in our mind’s eye in this way gives the body the information that it needs to tap into a particular frequency. In other words, experiencing a potential outcome as if it were real and actual, will stimulate the body to produce the appropriate sensation, which will enable you to enter the state that is most in accordance to that potential outcome.

It already exists.

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It’s not that you don’t already have access to it. It’s not something you lack, it’s something that is already here. All it takes is your focused attention. The emotions will follow along with the imagination. Your body will respond because it can’t tell the difference between something that is actually happening and something that is imagined. So, simply bring it up to the forefront of your mind.

Tune into it with your imagination, or as Abraham Hicks would say, match the vibration.

If you see it with detail, if it’s compelling enough, you’ll believe it, therefore, it’ll be perceived as real. Automatically your physiology responds to what you envision. Your body will say, “Oh, okay. I see. This is how I need to react.”

For example, the second you imagine something horrible happening to someone you love, instantly, you enter a stressful state. Why? Because when it’s brought to mind, you clearly witness it unfolding before you, and the body reacts immediately.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Be mindful of where you place you’re attention, be sure to place your attention on what you want, don’t dwell on what you don’t want because where attention goes, energy flows. Learn from negative experiences, but don’t ruminate.

Imagining versus pretending.


Keep in mind, imagining and pretending are not the same. Imagining is simply painting a mental picture, the experience follows naturally. Imagining feels effortless, pretending feels forced. Pretending involves acting and is usually a form of denial or resistance to an outcome.

Consistency is key.

Once your emotional state is where it needs to be, then all that is required is for you to come back to that place time and time again, with consistency. Continue making the simple effort until it becomes effortless—which is not much of an effort to begin with, since we all love to fantasize about the things we love. In doing it consistently, you are training you’re body to make that state it’s default state, programming it into your autonomic nervous system so that it becomes automatic, so that you no longer need to apply conscious effort and so that the body automatically enters that state on it’s own.

Therefore, continue stepping into that role, imagining how it would feel, sound, smell and so on. Consistently gathering the material needed to enter the state, to tap into the frequency, to match the vibration.


Once you’ve trained your body to do this, naturally, not only will you feel in accordance to that reality, but you’ll begin to behave in accordance, because your behavior is a product of your state of being. If you consistently feel in accordance to that parallel reality, which exists now, naturally you’ll behave in accordance to that state, then in behaving in accordance to that, you’ll eventually become that person. Before you know it, what was once a potential reality will become a present reality.

Once your body has assimilated what your mind has been focused on, then you have fully embodied your personal reality. Joe Dispensa said it perfectly.

Your personality is your personal reality.

So, you’ve entered the state and you’re behaving in accordance. You are that person already, you’re already experiencing the benefits. At this point, all that is really necessary is time, for it to manifest. Simply, be patient.

Be there now.

Believe that you are and feel that you are and, sooner or later, you will become.

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