As Within, So Without


The problems that are manifesting into our society is a reflection of what’s manifesting within us. This is why big companies and corporations desecrate land and kill people, they don’t care because in their mind, all they’re thinking about is profit, because that’s what the ego does. It takes you down an endless road of wanting more and more and more. Nothing can be enough. Even to the point where we’re killing ourselves, because we are!


By polluting the land we’re literally killing ourselves. We forgot that we don’t own the land, the land owns us. It’s a dis-ease like a cell. A cancer cell that’s slowly eating itself, eating its own immune system and killing the body, that is it’s host, is eventually going to kill itself. Just like this body, we’re a cell in a bigger body called earth, self-destructing, but that’s not our true essence.



Our true essence is abundant, vibrant and healthy. When we’re living in harmony with the earth. Eating the fruit and being out in nature, not eating unnatural food, eating the way nature intended. Living the way nature intended without needing more and more and more and more of something that will never set us free, that creates consumerism.


When we want more of something, they advertise. When you have an insecurity, they sell you this product that makes you think that it’ll solve that insecurity. So, you’re relying on a product to give you something, but we’re just so afraid to look within. However, when you realize that everything is one, once you look within. you heal and everything else around you heals with it.


The earth vibrates at one frequency. Every time somebody has a revelation or somebody grows into a higher spiritual version of ourselves, that frequency of the earth raises a little bit and it has a ripple effect. So every time somebody awakens it makes it easier for the next person to awaken the next person, and the next person and the next person, because they’re one.

Spiritual growth isn’t a linear line. Spiritual growth regresses. Goes back a couple of steps to learn the lesson and then once we learned the lesson, it shoots you out into an entirely different perspective of awareness and being. With what we consider good and bad lessons, they’re one.

The hard lessons teach us the most. The hard lessons serve us. They serve our spiritual growth because growth can’t happen within a comfort-zone. just like my girls. Just like how the fish had to learn to evolve into living on land, that’s us. As the frequency of the sun raises, mother earth is ascending, too.


The reason why we’re coming to a tipping point in today’s world of life or death is because we’re not in harmony with mother earth. She’s ascending yet we’re staying down here. That’s why eventually, we’re going to self destruct, if we keep going on like this, but if we ascend with her and be in the divine flow of I am, and of oneness, then we’ll be living on in heaven on earth. That’s what the second coming of Jesus Christ is. Jesus is within us.


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