How to Inspire Yourself

I had so many challenges on my way to film a video one day. I road into a park, nearby to where I lived, on my bike, and it rained the night before. I completely forgot. I road into the park, and the ground was so muddy that I had to stop the bike and get off. So, I got off and stepped onto a ground covered in mud, legs filled with wet dirt. At first, I thought to myself,


“How stupid of me to put myself through all of this trouble, just to film a video.

To others, I must have seemed crazy. Yet, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Rather than regretting having gone there that day, I chose to be thankful. I was inspired, because if I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t have had that experience, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to overcome it.

Experiencing all of those challenges was just my way of testing myself. I said to myself that day, before leaving the house,

“I’m going to film a video today, and I’m not letting anything stop me.”

I challenged myself that day to prove to myself that I am sincere, that I am true to my word, and that I don’t just make statements for the sake of speaking. I challenged myself so that I could become more of who I am, to overcome and portray a greater representation of myself. Because without those challenges, I wouldn’t have had those opportunities, I’d be the same old me. I wouldn’t be growing, wouldn’t be becoming more of myself.

My bike was filled with mud. Sandals were soaked, there was mud all over. I didn’t even know how I was going to get back home without looking like a fool. There was mud all over my legs and feet. Even some mud on my shirt. Yet, despite all of that, I was grateful. I was inspired.

This proves that there’s nothing that can stop me. Nothing that can stop anyone from doing what they truly want to do, what they’re passionate about, what excites them, what fulfills them, what brings joy to their life.

Nothing can stop you. Don’t be afraid to face yourself, to step up to the challenge. At first, it may seem like something scary. It might seem like something that you might not be able to get past or to overcome, but that doesn’t have to be true. Step up to the challenge.

Inspire yourself.

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