Top 2 Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief

I want to share with you all two techniques to help release tension or pressure. If you feel stressed or depressed, you can try these techniques out.

First, let’s break down what stress is.

What is stress?


When you feel stressed, how do you feel exactly? If you feel stressed right now, that’s great! Feel it out. How does it feel?

If you’re not feeling stressed right now, go back to a time in the past when you were. What is happening?

Low Energy

First thing you should notice is your energy is low, you’re vibrating slowly and you simply don’t have the energy to do anything.

You’re In Your Head

Second thing you should notice is you’re not present. If you were, there would be nothing to stress about. Therefore, you must be either in the past or in the future, thinking about something that you’ve got to do, something that needs to be done or something that is going to happen that requires energy, and right now you just don’t have it.

You’re low, so you feel helpless. You believe that something will go wrong because of something that will happen in the future, and you won’t have the energy necessary to get it done. So, you tense up and say something like,

“I can’t. I don’t want to. I don’t have the energy.”

What can you do?

Sources of Energy

Sleep is a good source of energy.


Food is a good source of energy.


Breathing is a good source of energy.


You can eat healthier. Make sure to get all the nutrients you need. You can get some rest. It doesn’t take much energy to rest. It doesn’t take much energy to go on and grab yourself something to eat. It doesn’t take much energy to breathe, you’re capable of doing this.

When you’re feeling stress, when you’re low in energy, you can do this. If you’re low in energy just roll onto a bed and fall asleep, open the fridge, grab something to eat. You can discontinue this blog. Take a nap. Grab yourself something to eat and then come back and continue where you left off.

The Importance of Conscious Breath

Of course, you’re already breathing, if not you wouldn’t be here, but what I’d like for you to do is to become aware of how you are breathing. But first, are you aware that you’re breathing? That’s the most important thing to consider. Become aware that you’re breathing. Everyone is breathing, but not everyone is aware of it. So, right now, become aware of your breath.

Conscious breathing brings peace.

If you’re still stressed, that’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with feeling stress. It’s actually great because now you can do something about it. You can actually address it now, because it’s there. It’s different when it’s not happening, having to go back into the past and find a memory where you were stressed. It’s great when you’re here and it’s happening now. It’s amazing. You’re stressed.

Still low in energy? How are you breathing? How’s your breath?

Like I said, breath it’s a source of energy. If you need more energy, if you need to raise your energy, I’m going to show you two techniques that’ll help increase your energy levels.

Technique #1


Put your hands right where your shoulders are, right in front of them, and forcefully, applying some effort, raise your hands. Not slowly, but fast, and as you go up, I want you to take a deep breath in. Inhale. Once you’ve done that, quickly come back down as you exhale. You might need a tissue at hand, for cleaning your nose.

Do this nine times.

It’ll help raise your energy because you’re simply pumping yourself up.

Technique #2


Stick out your thumb and your ring finger. Cover your right nostril with your thumb, and inhale through your left nostril. Hold. Then cover your left nostril with your ring finger. Exhale. Then inhale and switch fingers.

Continuing for another nine times.

Let it all fall away. Let your shoulders drop.

This too shall pass. You’re going to be alright after all.

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