How to Accept Yourself

Accept every aspect of yourself, both negative and positive, even the most deep seeded negativity. Negativity will constantly, endlessly come, because it’s necessary for your evolution. You as in me.

I am everything. In order to experience myself entirely, I have to continuously discover myself, because I am infinite. I don’t end. It’s always going, it’s a constant movement, a direction. I created negativity so that I can constantly overcome it and be reminded of who I am and what I am capable of. I can overcome any obstacle, any challenge.

Negativity is not there to stop you, it’s there to help you grow. It’s a part of the growing process. Once you understand this, once you see negativity for what it really is, you will embrace it. You’ll love it until it dissolves, because negativity cannot withstand love, it’s too powerful to withstand.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that negativity is apart from love. Negativity and love are two sides on a coin. They are one.

Before coming to this realization, negativity was something bad, something stopping you. Now that you’ve gone within yourself and discovered all of the negativity residing within, you embrace and accept it, and it all vanishes. You no longer experience negativity in your outer world as you thought it was. It serves a greater purpose and means so much more.

Therefore, you call for it, because you see it as yourself, as a part of you. That is what love is. Love is when you see yourself in another, it’s to see yourself in everything.

So, have fun with life. Have fun with your challenges. Make it an adventure. Make it something you want to do. Don’t fight it. It doesn’t help, you already know that it slows the process down. You want to speed up. You want to find out more, and more, faster. The more you remember, the faster the process gets, and it continues to get faster and faster. Then, well…

Who knows what’s next?

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