How to Go Beyond Common Sense

The moment you read this blog, it exists within your reality, therefore, it comes from within you. It is a reflection of something within you that you want to show yourself, to remind yourself that you are creating your experience with your eyes and with your ears and all five of your senses.

It’ll seem as if you are within the world, but actually when you go beyond your senses, you come to realize that the world exists within you. It just seems that way because of your senses, because it was chosen to be that way, therefore, you have to be able to experience things as if they’re separate from yourself. Ultimately, it’s all within you.

You have the ability to change and manipulate it in whatever way you’d like, but you must create it, you can’t search for it outside of yourself because the idea of something being outside of you is an illusion.

When you tell yourself that the world is outside of you, it’s as if you’re handing your power over to negativity. Negativity will take ownership of your power and to get it back, you must become aware that you are the world, that the world resides within you. When you do that, then that negative turns into a positive and gives back to you what is rightfully yours. It presents itself to you as a positive, and you regain your power.

Your negative thoughts, your doubts, your uncertainty are draining you of your energy. When creating, you need all of the energy you can get, to manifest what you desire. Gradually we are charging up what can be perceived as an energy ball with our imagination, by imagining what we want to experience.

When you continue to doubt yourself, that doubt drains your ball of energy and every time you doubt, the energy ball becomes smaller, slowing down the process of creation. Just take notice. Become aware of the uncertainty and all of the doubt.

Where attention goes energy flows. Therefore, when becoming aware of it, don’t focus too much of your attention onto it because then you’ll be feeding the negative, giving away your energy to it.

Negative takes, positive gives. When you focus back onto the positive, that energy will feed back to you. So, you’re giving and receiving. How it works with negativity is, you give and it takes, and it keeps taking until you’re willing to overcome it and take it back. Or better yet, just become aware of it, and that negative will turn into a positive, which will, in turn, give back.

So, just become aware of the negative and focus back onto creating what you want and know that everything you see is a reflection of you, and that you have the ability to create whatever you want to experience.

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