You Made It!

Congratulations, we made it!

Despite all of our struggles, despite all of the trials and tribulations, we are here now, at this instant, in this moment of grace! Be thankful for every experience that has led up to this point in time.

We’ve grown so much!

Now, it’s time to decide, to make a decision. We already know the type of life we’ve been living. Now, we’re one step ahead. We have an opportunity to choose how we want to live, from this point on.

This is the end of a cycle and the birth of a new cycle, of new life.

Do you want to live an inspiring life?

Do you want to live a passionate life?

Do you want to live a life filled with enthusiasm?

Do you want to live a conscious life, or do you want to live an unconscious life?

Which do you prefer, to walk on your path, on your journey, facing forward or backward?

Either way, life goes on.

If you choose to walk backward, which represents a life of chance rather then of choice, you can’t see where you’re headed, and as a result you have no control over where you end up, because you can’t see.

From time to time, you’ll fall off track. It’ll be difficult to get back, but you’ll get there eventually. However, your life will be a life struggle, and if that’s what you want, by all means, live that type of life.

I choose to live life facing forward, and as a result, I can see where I’m going. I can choose what direction I want to take and where I’ll end up.

Which direction are you facing?

“The Time is Now”



It’s time to step into our Power
To inspire,
To fulfill our heart’s desire,
To aspire,
To ascend HIGHER!
To be both water AND fire.
Balanced on a wire
Above the Empire.
We will not tire.
Unlike fear we do not cower.
BURST into a billion specs of light!
And allow that light to shower!
And watch the world bloom like a flower.


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