The Fragrance of Love

I’ve been allowing myself to experience pain and suffering. I haven’t been avoiding it. Most of what I’ve been experiencing is of my own creation. It is really not necessary. I’m noticing this, and I’m reminded of this quote:

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry.”

I heard that a few years ago. It always comes up at the right time, and as I reflect on all the pain and suffering that I’ve been putting myself through, I’m noticing that all of the pain and the suffering is simply a result of me withholding love from myself and from others. I’m realizing that all I have to do is let go and surrender.

When I choose to let go, it’s like an endless sea of love, an ocean of love, and my heart opens up like a flower blooming. What comes out of this flower, is a gentle fragrance. The fragrance of love.

I know that sounds very poetic, but that’s my way of expressing what I experience when I let go and surrender.

There’s a lot of love in you, whoever’s reading. It’s just a matter of us letting go of it and giving it, pouring it out. Like the sun, constantly pouring itself out. It never asks for anything in return, yet, it is always provided with the energy to continue on giving.

So, like the sun, pour yourself out. Spill out all of that love within you. It’s overflowing. Let it flow out. Empty your cup, there’s more where it came from.

Like a match – or a candle, you can take your candle and light another candle with that same fire. Although you’ve lit up another candle you still have your flame, and you’re flame never burns out. It can burn eternally.

You can never lose your love, love is who you are. It’s pretty simple.

We go through these challenges, these experiences of pain and suffering and we tend to forget what’s important. Things seem difficult, and although it might not be easy, then, it’s always simple. It’s just a matter of choice.

When you let go of the fear, it becomes love. When you let go of the fire, it becomes light. When you let go, you become your true self; an authentic you.



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