How to Get Carried Away


It doesn’t matter how you carry yourself. In fact, drop yourself.

Instead of carrying yourself, allow yourself to be carried away by life.

A lot of times, when we’re living our life and we’re having fun and we’re being playful, there’s always someone to say,

“You’re getting carried away, calm down!”

That sentence is a statement born out of fear. Don’t allow anyone to slow you down. Don’t allow anyone to stop you or to discourage you. Go ahead and get carried away!

Keep in mind, when I say don’t allow, I’m not implying that you should resist or that you should fight back or defend yourself. There’s nothing for you to defend.

What I’m saying is change your surroundings. Surround yourself with people who allow you to be who you are, who accept you and who encourage you, rather than discourage you.

Live your life and live freely. Don’t keep calm, carry on.


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