How to Listen!

We miss a lot a lot of the time because we’re not fully listening. Life is constantly speaking to us. Messages and signs are showing up in all forms and all we have to do is open our ears and listen to it fully.

We have so much mental activity going on. A lot of the times when people are talking, what they’re saying, whatever message is trying to be received, is drowned out by all of our thoughts, all of our projections, all of our conditioning. This is why listening is very important.

It’s very easy. It’s very simple. All that is necessary is for you to breathe.

Drop all of the mental baggage. All of it.

It seems as though most of our thoughts are mainly left hemisphere activity. The right brain is mainly responsible for creativity and has more feminine characteristics. The left brain, on the other hand, is mechanical, logical and scientific. It’s always analyzing everything, trying to solve every problem, trying to connect the dots.

It’s necessary and useful, but at times you need to be able to allow that to settle down, to really open your ears and your senses in order to truly feel out your life. Feel your life, there’s messages coming to you constantly. This is what I’ve learned, from my own experience, on my journey.

In the past, I thought I knew everything. When people were trying to assist me or give me advice, I wouldn’t be open to it because I thought I knew it all. Don’t get me wrong, at times, it’s good to not be influenced by others.

It’s good to turn to yourself for guidance, advice and so on. However, once you realize that you and the world are one in the same and that everything outside of you is of you, you’ll be just as open and excited to hear what other people have to say as you are with yourself.

Listening is very important, yet, even I’m still learning. I still have my moments when I’m closed off and I’m just not having it, but even then I’m still open, still listening. Even if it’s only for a brief moment:

“OK, well, maybe she’s . . . maybe he’s trying to . . . maybe they’re on to something . . . maybe, just maybe.”

Open your ears, tune in with your attention and lock on. Focus. Drop yourself.

Listening is a meditation in and of itself. When someones talking to you, if you truly fully listen, you lose yourself. You lose your identity. You lose your ego, because you are so immersed in what is being said, so immersed in the moment that the identity, the ego fades away for awhile.

Of course, it comes back, and in fact, it never goes anywhere. It’s just out of sight, but it’s still there, right behind you. Just say to it,

“Shh! Take a seat, ego. I’m listening to what this person is saying. I’ll listen to what you’ve got to say afterwards”

Vice versa, just as it’s important to listen to others and things outside of you, it’s equally important to Listen To Your Heart because that’s where you’ll receive the best guidance and the best advice possible.


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