How to Deal With A Difficult Life

Life is hard, life is not easy. It’s very simple though. It’s not complex in any way. It can get complex if you want it to, but by default it’s very simple.

In life, we go through challenges. These challenges are meant for us to overcome, to learn and to grow from.

What happens a lot of the time, when we are presented with a challenge, is we are put to the test. A lot of us, when we’re placed in a situation where we have to perform, where we have to take action, a lot of us get scared. We become afraid and once fear arises, it paralyzes us, it stops us from taking the necessary actions to overcome our challenges.

As a result, we curl up, ball up into a little corner and we make ourselves a victim to life. In the meantime, our ego, the individual “me” that we identify with, strengthens and becomes stronger, in feeling like a victim, because it strengthens it’s sense of identity.

Our mind will make the situation seem as complex as it wants it to be, all the while, taking away all of the potential we have, all of our inner power. Leaving us drained of our vital energy, of our vitality, making it even more difficult to act.

The mind says,

“It’s complicated.”

Especially in relationships, but the truth is it’s not complicated.

All it takes is for us to become aware that it is not our identity. We are not the victim that our ego wants us to believe. Just becoming aware of this and thoroughly placing our attention on it, frees us. In a sense, it becomes the healing.

We’re not victims. The clearer that is for us, the more capable we are of taking action.

By the way, life doesn’t get any easier. It continues to stay at the difficulty it was originally.

Life is hard.

So, it’s still hard, but we can act on it now. We can do something about it. We can make things better.

What it takes is realizing that you are responsible for your life, it take noticing that you are the only person you have control over. You can’t control anyone else. You can’t control anything outside of you. The only thing you can control is your state of being and the actions you take to create the change that you’d like to see.

“Be the change you wish to see,” like Mahatma Gandhi once said.

Once we fully realized this we can go through life, facing and overcoming, integrating and transmuting our challenges into a more meaningful and purposeful experience. One that empowers us and inspires us. One that we can learn from and share with others, giving others the insight that we’ve gained from facing our challenges and dealing with them, addressing them proactively.

We become the light for others, meaning, we can share our experiences and people can learn from those experiences. It’ll save others from having to go through what you’ve gone through – all of the unnecessary extra suffering that you’ve put yourself through.



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