How to Be A Visionary

1. Do only what you love to do.


When you do what you love to do, you’re in the moment, you’re not in your head. When you’re not thinking and you’re in the moment, you are in spirit. You are inspired. When you’re inspired, you are open to creativity. You need creativity in order to be a visionary, to have a vision. This is why doing what you love to do is important.

2. Focus on one things that will make you different from others.



Everyone in this planet has their own life purpose, has something that they’re here to do, something unique and different. We’re like scattered puzzle pieces and your one piece in this puzzle. Your piece is unique. Although we’re all puzzle pieces and we’re all part of this one puzzle, your puzzle piece is unique. There is no other puzzle piece that is like yours, so you have to find out what that is in order to know where you’re going. If you don’t know what makes you different from others, you’re not going to find your place in this puzzle.

3. Be contribution driven.

sddefault (1)

Whatever it is. Whatever your vision is, whatever your passion is, let your passion be a contribution to the greater whole because ultimately we’re all one. When you give to others, when you support others, you’re ultimately supporting yourself. You’re giving to yourself. The more you give yourself the more abundant you are.

4. Be innovative.


Create something new, a new idea, something that no one has ever thought of. Be innovative.

5. Be expectant.


Expect to receive. Be open to receiving whatever comes your way.

6. Be joyful.


Be joyful. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy whatever it is you are doing because joy is your birthright. Happiness is your birthright. Why not be joyful?

7. Don’t be drown by other peoples opinion.


The only opinion that matters is your opinion. There are going to be people who don’t like what you’re doing, who don’t agree with your vision. Don’t be drowned by their opinions, because it can hinder your growth.

8. Be bold to take new steps.


Until you dare to be different, you can’t make a difference in this world. So, be daring. Be bold, take new steps. Think outside of the box.



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