From Fear to Fulfillment

Life will show you exactly what you need to see for you to move forward. If you’re not doing what you love, life will make it very clear to you. Pay attention, it is showing you this for you to get clear on what you truly want.

The Transition

Use this time to meditate, to stop and re-evaluate. Discover what you truly want from your life, and what you truly have to offer. Without direction, you cannot move forward, and you can only move forward once you’ve made peace with where you are. Resist nothing, embrace everything. Accept where you are, even if it’s not completely fulfilling to you. Learn from it, see it as a stepping stone, make the best of it while it lasts.

Whatever you do, don’t settle. Take the necessary steps, large or small.

The Importance of Interpretation

As you step out of your comfort-zone, feel the energy rising within you. Be mindful on how you interpret this energy, it will determine where you will end up. Interpret it as fear, and it will paralyze you or cause you to turn back; interpret it as excitement, and it will catapult you to new heights.

A Leap of Faith

If you feel called to leave, and it’s tugging at you, only you can determine whether it’s a true calling or whether it’s an attempt to avoid your problems. If it’s a true calling, if life is pulling at you and it feels as if you cannot resist, surrender to it. Trust it, you will end up exactly where you need to be. Take the leap, even if it means packing your bags and leaving it all behind.

Finding What’s Best For You

Of course, not everyone is prepared or willing to take the leap, and it’s not always necessary. What may be best for one person may not be best for you. Find what’s right for you. Be gentle with yourself. Life is about balance, not always about extremes; it doesn’t always have to be all or nothing. Sometimes it takes careful, mindful thinking. The purpose of having a mind is for it to be used as a tool. So, use it wisely.

The Bridge of Faith

Instead of taking a huge leap, you can build a bridge in between. Similar to leaping across, crossing the bridge takes faith. Crossing this bridge doesn’t promise security. The bridge might be unstable. Parts might fall off. It may be wobbly and unsteady; but it’s a smoother transition. Be patient. Take one mindful step at a time.

The Reward

Eventually, you will find yourself exactly where you want to be. It will be one of the most gratifying experiences you will ever have, knowing you took responsibility for your life and that you can now share your story with others and they can use it as inspiration to take action and be the change they wish to see in their lives.

Hopefully, this inspired you to move forward towards a more fulfilling life. Not to resist your current circumstance, but to accept it and to embrace it fully. Be mindful. Pay attention. Have faith. Trust your intuition. Follow your heart and take your mind with you.


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