Cry Willingly

Apologizing for crying, just like apologizing for laughing, is ridiculous and unnecessary. There is so much negative connotation in regards to crying. The truth is, if you aren’t crying you aren’t growing as an individual. If you aren’t crying, you could be suppressing your emotions. Crying is healing. Crying is therapy, it makes us more compassionate people.

There’s a lot to cry for nowadays. Cry for the cows and the abuse they undergo on a day-to-day basis — cry for the women in Siberia who are stoned to death — cry for the 10,000,000 innocent children all across the world who are sexually exploited, who are raped and murdered, who are victim to sex trafficking — and for the parents in Southeast Asia who are forced to surrender their children to sex tourism due to poverty.

I’m not suggesting we dwell on misfortune. I’m requesting we put to rest our judgements toward our emotions and begin fully embracing them. There is nothing more nourishing, nothing more heartwarming, than a day full of laughter and an evening crying your heart out, accompanied by a good laugh to end the night.

Cry willingly.


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