The Art of Presence

Mastering presence is essential in living a peaceful, joyful, fulfilling life. If you are not satisfied with your life, the first step in allowing change to occur, is a step backward. Step back and observe your life from afar.  Shift your attention to something other than your circumstances. Focus on your breath, direct your attention to the sensations within your body. Doing this slows down the constant stream of thinking, it momentarily relieves us from our seemingly stressful circumstances.

Cultivate your innate ability to sustain more presence in your life. Open up to receiving and experiencing more peace, joy and fulfillment. Embodying peace and joy brings clarity and refines your ability to make intelligent decisions, making you more capable to take the necessary and most immediate actions.

The ultimate goal in life is to live fully. There’s no better moment than now. This moment is your life. By inviting more presence into your life you are giving yourself permission to experience this present moment at its fullest potential, and as a result, fulfilling your life’s purpose.


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