5 Practices For A Positive Mind

Thoughts are continuous and unending. If not dealt with accordingly, thoughts can become self-sabotaging. In fact, thoughts are the root cause of all suffering in the world. Thoughts determine your emotions, and your emotions influence your actions. In other words, if you choose to think better, you’ll feel better; and as a result, you’ll make better decisions and take better actions. The following are five practices for a purely positive mind.

1. Self-inquiry

Self-inquire. Questioning unhealthy and conventional thinking patterns can help to disarm you from negative core beliefs and assumptions, leaving space for more positive, organic thoughts.

2. Meditation


Meditate often. Being still, sitting quietly, or in other words, meditating, will help to bring dysfunctional thinking patterns to surface.

3. Affirmation

Affirm new thoughts. Negative beliefs produce negative results and manifest undesired outcome. This is why substituting pessimism with optimism, in the form of positive affirmation, is a powerful way to create new habitual thought that will in time develop into positive belief.

4. Nature


Spend time in nature. Nature is a living example, exemplifying non-judgement and acceptance. Plants give off oxygen, offering a breath of fresh air, helping to re-energize and rejuvenate the mind and body, making it a great place to slow down, to relax and to return to a state of ease.

5. Lifestyle


Live holistically. The mind, body and emotions are interchangeable, revising any one of the three will in time effect the whole. Getting enough rest, exercising the physical body often, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, will result in healthier, balanced emotions and thoughts.


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