How to Live Now

Your thoughts have the power to form your future. Most people have dark thoughts, fearful thoughts when they look ahead. If you fear a lack in your future – a lack of money, a lack of love, a lack of health, a lack of direction; if you fear something a lot and every moment of your day is filled with that anxiety, it shapes what is to come to you and you manifest exactly what you feared. Practice instead living in the moment – focus on just the day you are in and give thanks for that day and all that you have right now.

Quick, look around – you are missing out on some wonderful experiences as you sit worrying about what is to come. Appreciate the people and gifts in your life now. Do not think beyond today – don’t waste your energy by dreading tomorrow. Leave the future blank like a canvas so that the Universe, a far greater artist than you, may fill it up with amazing things that you cannot even imagine. We wish for small favors but don’t realize that spirit has far better and grander things in mind for us.

And don’t dwell in the past either – it’s over, gone. You only ever remember it from your own perspective anyway and not even all that accurately. The present moment is really all you have – don’t diminish it. The things that happen today may never happen again. Make the most of this moment and don’t live in fear of what may or may not come. Deal with situations if and when they actually happen, knowing you have the strength to cope and trusting the universe to support you.

Now take a deep breath and let all that worry go…


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