How to Listen to Your Heart

You, yourself, know in your heart what is best for you, more then anyone could ever know. What better guidance to follow then that of your heart’s? The moment you choose to take advice from others, ignoring your own inner guidance system, is the moment you are no longer living from your heart.

When a process is right for you, it feels right. You don’t have to think much about it, you don’t have to convince yourself that it’s right. There’s a sense of certainty that comes with it. It doesn’t mean it will feel good, it doesn’t have to. In fact, at times it feels uncomfortable, but you know it’s right.

When you resist what feels right, you lose vitality, you are drained of your energy; when you embrace it, energy builds up. You can interpret this energy as anxiety or excitement, fear or enthusiasm; regardless of how you choose to interpret it, you’re provided with what you need, to do what is necessary. You can meet it with resistance or you can allow it to flow through you and into action, but it is there nonetheless.

Listen to your heart.


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