Examine What Makes Your Heart Flutter

Despite what most people may think, the truth is, “money;” or better yet, paper currency, is not what we desire. Unlike actual money, such as gold and silver; paper currency, an artificial social construct, has no intrinsic value. Paper currency is not a naturally occurring resource such as water or timber, and although it is our current medium of exchange, it cannot fulfill our innate desires. In fact, at times, it acts as a distraction – a barricade preventing us from seeing and knowing, blocking us from pursuing and attracting to ourselves what we truly desire.

If you were the wealthiest person alive, what would you desire?

Take a moment. Give it some thought. When you identify it, notice the sudden enthusiasm, feel the sudden excitement rising inside you. The greater the excitement, the sooner your desires will manifest. Meet your desires with consistency, match your desires in intensity and it won’t be long before you experience it.

We as humans are capable of manifesting our desires in many ways, paper currency is just one medium of exchange. Life always finds a way to bring to us exactly what we need, and it doesn’t always involve currency.

When our desires align with our needs, all of our desires will be met. We attract and receive instantaneously. So rapidly, waiting and hoping become unnecessary. In fact, we experience directly.

Ultimately, what we truly desire is beyond external things. What we truly desire, is to feel alive. What we truly desire is to feel loved, and to breathe and move freely through life in love. We want to create and connect with one another, to experience and to express. How we experience and express ourselves depends on the individual person, their passions, and purpose.

Visualize. Imagine. Look into the things you desire. Become excited. Be inspired. Be consistent, be diligent, be persistent, be PASSIONATE! Experience it, directly. Then, step out of your comfort-zone, and into the wind. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, come out of your cocoon, move towards your heart!

What do you desire? What makes you feel most alive?

Examine it!
Pursue it!


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