How to Live Your Dreams

You deserve to live your dreams, don’t you?

Are you living them?

If not, what’s holding you back?

What are you too busy with that is leaving you with no time and energy to focus on moving towards it?

Find out what that is, then ask yourself,

“Why do I choose to continue on with this?”

Is it because you want to feel secure?

Are you living someone else’s life in order to feel accepted and loved by others?

Do you feel dependent on other peoples love and acceptance?

If so, why?

Why not fill that imaginary void with love and acceptance of your own? You do have it, you know. In fact, you are it.

When other people love and accept you, you are the one who feels the love, and acceptance, and you feel it within your body.

Acknowledge that, then inhale deeply.

Why leave it up to someone else to decide whether or not you are worthy of love and acceptance?

Why not feel worthy, at this moment, from this moment on?

Is it because you depend on external things to feel secure and comfortable?

Is it possible to feel secure and comfortable dispite the things and circumstances outside of you?

Do you realize that, at this moment, all of your primary psychological needs are met, and that none of them rely on anything external to you?

If you haven’t already, maybe you’ll decide to give your dreams a shot, trusting that you’ll feel secure and comfortable, loved and accepted along the way.


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